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Your Holiday Dates: Best/Worst Socializing Dates

Julian will tell you THREE of your naturally good days and nights for socializing during the holidays, considering all dates through January 2nd. He will also tell you THREE dates to avoid, when it's better just to be by yourself, or tend to business. These are unique for each individual. Using these dates you'll have a funner time this holiday season, and avoid stressful and disappointing fun quests. Have a pleasanter holiday season. These will also be useful for seeing romantic dates turn out better, and for choosing the best family times. The $30 fee is guaranteed. If you're not happy with your outcome you will receive a full refund. (Must notify him by January 7th.) Julian is very good at choosing good times for his clients, and many have benefited. You will be given these dates as soon as you get Julian on the phone, so you don't have to wait or get a scheduled session.

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