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Locational Email Answer

In this budget service, available sporadically through the year, I give my answer about where you should live to best support your goals and/or reduce your problems, just as in the Locational Research Briefing. The difference is that I don't do a personal pre-Interview, and I don't do a recorded Reading. I simply name the place (or several towns/places, as is common), and tell you when to make your first trip there. Instead of an interview, you send me your goals in an email to: Then you give me 7 days, and I will email back my answer. If I happen to take beyond 7 days you can be upgraded to the Locational Research Briefing. Your email to me should list: 1) Your most important personal and professional goals, 2) Your most vexing problems that you hope to reduce or eliminate, and 3) Any locational ideas you already have on your mind, places of attraction, places you need to know about for any reason and want considered for sure. Again, the email to send me your goals: Then allow 7 days for my answer back.

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