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Locational Email Answer, One Person

After ordering, send a goals email to:

...telling me your goals and problems, what you want more of in life, less of, etc. Try to narrow it down to 3 main goals with a Number One most important goal. Also list places that you have interest in or attraction to. You can list weather/temperature preferences or land/geological preferences. ("By the sea" etc.)

I use the same principles and knowledge when finding this location for you; same as what I use in the more expensive readings. The difference is that you will not get a detailed explanation or audio-reading citing the technical matters.

I prefer to hear places of real attraction to you rather than a list of "astrocartography lines" from a map you have seen. I prefer no more than 5 of these ideas. Also tell me if you would consider outside of your home country, or whether you want me to stay in your come country. Allow

One Week!

for an answer back from Julian by email. The email will contain the names of 1 or more cities, and 1-3 ideal arrival dates for an exploratory trip there.

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