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Money Talk

I have often rued the fact that I did not understand my Money House in the location where I grew up. There I continually tried money-making strategies that didn't work because they were not a match to my locational chart. There were many clues showing what "the universe" was offering to me for earning activities, but I didn't see them. Amazingly, astrologers never helped to point out the obvious to me, and neither did printed, canned "reports." Sometimes, the things we want to "do" or "be" in the world are not matched well with the "ways we must earn" in a given location. Had I known what I know now, about my Iowa money house, I would have pursued completely different activities for earning, starting young.

In this special reading I will tell you the strongest money-making strategies for your current location -- the things that work best, for earning, change according to your location. They are sometimes different than your worldly ambitions, or your "heart's desire" aspirations, but they work. For example, the one who wants to be "a novelist" (and is even successful and well known) -- may make most of his/her money through rental property or something not directly related to writing; this enjoined by the chart structure. If you are having problems earning enough right now, you may not be trying the strongest strategies for earning. I will translate signs, aspects, and transits into "what works in Real Life" -- based on 25 years of watching thousands of clients.

I will be telling you a range of activities that naturally support earning. The Money House structure using your correct chart is what actually works and is useful, and this is something you have likely never been told. I will also tell you WHEN earning will improve naturally with just a few ordinary efforts. Here, he will dig into your best money strategies where you live now, and the ideas may surprise you.

I will be sythesizing your 10th House structure with your 2nd House structure (earning house) to present possibilities that will be both practical and real-life ideas, financially fruitful, plus meaningful and interesting to you if pursued. In this reading Julian will also give you some Special Timings for improved money results. This could be a day to look for a job, schedule an interview, launch a project or mass mailing, or a strong time for getting a client to buy. This timing by itself will be worth the $55 fee, and it's influence will keep working for you even after that day passes.

The information will be of such value to you that the fee should easily be $200 or more. If you are having money problems, this will be the best $55 dollars you ever spend. The reading will be recorded and you'll get the MP3. I will stay on the phone advising you for one half-hour. Phone me immediately after paying at 406-404-8812 and leave your name and number if you pay for this reading. I will phone you back within 24 hours and schedule the reading with you.

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