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Original handwritten Upanishad commentary page by Julian Lee -- "The Flaw of Prajna"

With purchase you will be sent the original Upanishad page with handwritten commentary by Anandaguru Omkaracharya (Julian Lee). This page has been featured many times on and has been seen world-wide. There is only one of these. The book from which it comes is one he has handled and studied for many years. The handwriting is small, precise, and readable.In this page Julian brings out the fact that the Upanishads consider the state of "prajna" or dreamless sleep as unsatisfactory, and points out how this makes the NDV ideal of Sankara unsatisfactory also. The handwriting makes criticism of Sankara and adduces to the superiority of the "dualistic" religious path that features God-concepts and experienced bliss. This page features quite a lot of Julian's personal handwriting in blue water-soluble ink. Julian Lee is the only western teacher in the Indian yogic tradition who has openly criticized Sankara. He has done it mostly in these handwritten commentaries. If you purchase this, send an email immediately to: giving your mailing address. This original handwritten page will be mailed to you within 4 days.

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