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18 Techniques For Getting Through Any Saturn Transit With Less Suffering, Loss or Damage

Saturn transits come throughout life -- the square, the opposition, the quincunx and more -- and they are always associated with challenge, difficulty, struggles, and often great hardships and losses. In this amazing audio Julian lists 18 strategies to follow for getting through them with minimum pain and damage. The techniques and approaches are easy for anyone to follow, but you will have not heard of these things from any other source. Julian's central interest in life has been to learn how to overcome or transcend astrological charts, and the knowledge given here is like the cream of his 28 years of studying astrology and life side-by-side. If this is the only teaching audio you ever buy from Julian Lee, it will still save you huge loads of trouble and loss in your life. This is Occult information, uncovered via a lifetime of study by a real metaphysician. The techniques actually work. And you will not find this knowledge anywhere else. In this Part One he lists all 18 techniques, and elaborates on two of them. In Part 2 you can hear the other 16 with elaborations. A very dense 16 Minutes

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