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Compatibility Reading

You don't need to have their birth time, just their date of birth with the year. I will tell you the good and bad of a relationship, the easy and the hard parts, the pleasant and the unpleasant. I tell the real Nitty Gritty here, not vague fuzzy confusion. If there is trouble in that relationship, YOU WILL HEAR IT.

You can either have me talk about one person for 30 minutes, or you can pile on 3 people and I will tell you the important things about each in 30 minutes. You will be amazed by this reading. It's like having a secret spy perch on that other person plus extreme insight into your chemistry together. Dates, mates, tenants, employees -- you name it. I have always done these readings for locational clients if they request them. This is the first time I have offered them as available publicly. Call immediately when you pay, 801-901-3511, and I will give to you your appointment date. Reading recorded and sent as an MP3 as usual.

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